Posted on: 16/12/2021
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Project-Based Videographer For Fashion Brand

Selene Xie.
The Rebel Mums is a purpose-driven fashion brand that celebrates motherhood and raise awareness of the toxic beauty standard for mothers. We are working on a project called the "100 Mums" which we will be filming and interviewing 100 mothers from different race, culture and age. We will have 2 questions in total to ask each moms. Each moms will get 20-30 mins to answer one short answer and one long answer questions. From each interview, we will cut out the short answer and make it into a short video. We will combine all the long answers from all the moms we interviewed and make it into one long video. It's a simple interview with the same background throughout the entire production.
Work Location
Job Scale
Within 90 days
HKD $5,000 - $10,000
Required Skills




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