Posted on: 04/01/2022
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Develop a buy now pay later app

Jason Wong.
Looking for a developer to develop a buy-now-pay-later app, similar to Atome and Hoolah for Android and iOS in around 30 days. This is an app that allows users to purchase any product they desire and pay the cost of it in installments that do not include any interests. It may seem like a credit card without interest. The user can scan and pay for the product. The amount is transferred to the business account from the app, and the user later pays the amount in a specific time interval to the app. It bestows a secure payment mechanism without any setbacks in the transactions. Following features highlights the app: - Sign-Up - Featured Stores - Authentication - Encryption - Automatic Deductions - Cost Calculator - Account Management - Legal Compliance - Reward Points - Credit Score - Notifications - Payment Rescheduling - Interest Free equal monthly instalments ('EMI') - Refund With a clean UI and transparent interactions, the app should simple to use and navigate. The app should automatically alert users before deducting payments or crediting funds to their account to minimize late fines, over-payment, and other difficulties. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.
Work Location
Job Scale
Within 30 days
HKD $10,000 - $50,000
Required Skills


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要Login先可以睇客戶背景資料的~~ Anyway, Freehunter是一個深受各大企業信賴的網上Freelance平台。 用戶遍佈星港台三地,擁有超過30000位專業自由工作者,協助各地客戶尋找理想工作伙伴!Freehunter團隊期望透過提供多元化的工作機會,讓更多人從事自己喜愛的事業。 Freelancer用戶可以在 工作板申請不同工作 ,提出報價後便可以在聊天室直接聯絡客戶。而Freelancer亦可以在Freehunter建立個人專頁,令客戶看見你的作品,帶來更多合作機會。 客戶可以透過兩種方法聯絡Freelancer,首先是直接 填寫工作內容 並發佈到平台,快速獲取報價參考。客戶亦可親自在[Freelancer列表]頁面瀏覽不同個人檔案,並傳送訊息給心儀的Freelancer開展合作。
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