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Kenneth Cheung
Graphic Designer
Freehunter is a great platform for freelance talents. It not only connects the talents and clients, but also allow the talents to get together and interact. Also, the clients can find the perfect candidate easily and directly. As a graphic designer, I highly recommend Freehunter.
The platform is easy to use and I am able to get a lot of jobs via Freehunter. The customer support is helpful and always responds quickly.
Viktor Ng
Graphic Designer
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A: You can cancel your premium membership and continue to enjoy the features until your plan expires. Of course, you may also re-purchase premium membership anytime.
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A: If you are not satisfied with your premium membership, and have not submitted any reply to job requests, you may request a refund by contacting our team at [email protected] within 14 days after your plan expires.
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A: If you have more than one profile, you can select the one you would like to promote when making the purchase. You may also select more than one profile and the amount will be calculated based on the number of profiles you selected.
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A: Sponsored Profile is a one-time purchase item. After purchase, the profile will start appearing in the top 50 on talent search page, for 20-70 times every day and approximately two weeks. Sponsored Profile stops once the exposure boost reaches 1000 times.
Q: Can I request a refund for Sponsored Profile?
A: Sponsored Profile will take effect immediately after purchase, hence it is not refundable.
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