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Kenneth Cheung Graphic Designer
Freehunter is a great platform for freelance talents. It not only connects the talents and clients, but also allow the talents to get together and interact. Also, the clients can find the perfect candidate easily and directly. As a graphic designer, I highly recommend Freehunter.
Viktor Ng Graphic Designer
The platform is easy to use and I am able to get a lot of jobs via Freehunter. The customer support is helpful and always responds quickly.


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With Premium membership, instead of waiting for job invitations from clients, you will be able to freely submit replies to job requests, increasing your chance of successfully landing jobs.

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All the paid plans on Freehunter are subscription plans. If we do not receive a cancellation request before the settlement date, the selected plan will be auto-renewed by our system.


Is there any free plan on Freehunter?

All our free users can enjoy some of our services like one job reply quota per month, publishing profile and creating portfolio, etc.

In order to provide all users with a more comprehensive experience, we offer a 7 days free trial period of our Premium Plus plan so users can try out all the features for free. If we do not receive a cancellation request before the end of the free trial, our system will automatically and officially upgrade the plan for you.


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You can change your premium membership at any time. To change your plan, please first cancel your current plan and then re-purchase a new one. The new plan will take effect automatically after the current plan expires.


How to cancel my Premium Plan?

You can cancel your Premium Plan and continue to enjoy the features until your plan expires. If you cancel your Premium Plan before the end of the 7 days free trial, no payment will be issued but the Premium services will be stopped immediately. Of course, you may purchase the Premium Plan again anytime.

To cancel your plan, please go to `My Account` and choose `Subscription`, then click on the `Cancel Plan` button.


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Freehunter will send an email to remind users about the upcoming auto-payment event of Premium Plan 24 hours before charging for the first time, so please confirm that you have received the notification email from Freehunter and marked them as [important mail].

As the reminder email does not serve as an official notice, if we do not receive a cancellation request before the end of the free trial or the settlement date, the payment will be processed by Freehunter automatically and it will be non-refundable under any circumstances.

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