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With Profile Ad, your profile will be shown in multiple pages across the platform, increasing your chance of being seen to unlock more job opportunities.

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More questions about Profile Ad?

Here are some common questions from other users

What is Profile Ad?

Profile Ad is a promotional tool for you to gain more job opportunities by increasing exposure of your profile.

Profile Ad users will receive a special badge & a unique display of their profile, encouraging more client visits as well as job invitations.

You could get up to 30x more exposure with Profile Ad compared to regular users.

How does Profile Ad work?

Profile Ad will be activated automatically upon purchase. The average job invitations shown in each plan are estimated numbers based on our platform's traffic for related pages, as well as several other website data collected over the past year. There will be no extra cost If the actual received invitations exceeds the one stated in the plan. Unless the plan is actively cancelled by the user, our system will perform an auto-charge after a cycle has ended.

How should I purchase Profile Ad if I have multiple profiles?

It is possible to purchase Profile Ad for multiple profiles, just simply select and choose the profile you wish to purchase for before checkout.

How to change/ cancel Profile Ad subscription?

If you wish to change/ cancel your Profile Ad subscription, go to 'My Account' > 'Subscriptions'

Can I ask for a refund after purchasing Profile Ad?

Please be aware, The Profile Ad will be started once the purchase is complete, therefore, it is a non-refundable under any circumstances.

If user wishes to cancel the service before renewal date, please go to settings and cancel the profile ad service.