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Wedding Photography

Wedding photos can come in different styles, such as romantic, or even black and white. No matter which style you are going for, the wedding photographers on Freehunter will help you capture every memorable moment from your wedding. Now start browsing the profiles of our wedding photographers, and send them a message to know more.

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Client Reviews

Chris Leung
The photographer took high quality shots for our school, and we are very satisfied about the photos. The photographer possesses great communication skills, understood our needs, and responded quickly on our requests.
Katrina Lam
I will highly deisgner Jun B to others, he’s patient and has a good sense of art for sure. I love the website he designed for me and my business grows a lot because of this pretty website! I will definitely choose him to be my designer again for my further digital design projects.
Belle Wong
I have collaborated with designer Emily on visual design for several times. She is very helpful and responsive, and is willing to spend efforts on understanding your needs. Emily produces artistic design with efficiency. Definitely a good freelance designer.
Holly Wong
Designer Madeline was very helpful and understanding of the vision we were going for. She was great with communication and happy to accommodate to any changes or updates we had.
Lawrence Lee
DT is a professional yet friendly photographer. He is very responsible and tried all his best to assist us. He is very caring and attention to detail. Highly recommend to ppl who held party and gathering!
Kenny Chan
The photographer was very responsive and responsible. Young and energetic, but experienced. Speedy post event services and we got our photos back with brightness adjusted within one day. Really impressive, my wife and friends kept praising the photos!

About Freehunter

Freehunter is the Freelancers' Network, where freelancers discover opportunities, collaborate and build connections. With over 20,000+ freelancers , Freehunter is trusted by clients including Wework, UBS, Lane Crawford and the New Taipei City Government.

Freehunter covers 10 different industries such as photographers, graphic designers, bands, magicians, etc. Clients can freely browse profiles and message freelancers directly, or post jobs to receive quotes instantly.

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